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Press comments on Deepfield Connect - Asparagus Monitoring

Deepfield Connect - Asparagus Monitoring: Award winning sensor solution for asparagus growers launched for first time usage in 2016 season ....

Sensors, apps, and robots: Bosch startup uses smart technology to support farmers

Dual premiere at Agritechnica, the world's largest agricultural technology trade fair in Hannover: the Bosch startup Deepfield Robotics is presenting connected sensors for improved asparagus yields, as well as its Bonirob agricultural robot (hall 9, booth F02). Both innovations ...

Strube and Bosch develop Deepfield 4D-scan
Innovation: World's first high-performance field emergence scanner

In a joint project, the seed company Strube and the Bosch start-up company Deepfield Robotics are developing the worldwide first self-navigating field emergence and seedling scanner for sugar beets ...