4D-Scan - From the internet of fields to the internet of plants

We are now accepting measurement campaigns for 2017

We offer services with multiple platforms customized to your processes and field setups

Tractor implements

No equipment purchases

Robotic platforms

No logistics management

Force assisted Push carts

Your data on your favourite device

  • Count crop and weed plants during and after field emergence

  • Assess mortality & pest infestation

  • Assess foliage and closing of rows

  • Assess plant colour for vigour and health

  • Data is securely stored

  • Automatic correlation of plant development and weather data

  • Track plant height in time course

  • Assess uniformity of population using histogram of plant leaf area

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Deepfield 4D-Scan solution

Seed Breeding

High throughput field phenotyping

Accelerate seed development

Compare field trials

Assess plant mortality and causes

Assess soil preparation methods

Trials with plant protection products

Quantify weed resistance

Assess impact on crop and weed plants

Seed Certification

Audit trail

Off type contamination

Weed seed contamination

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get in touch for a demo?

There are regular demos on our field trials. Contact us for more details.

How does the Deepfield team scan my fields?

The high precision sensors are carried by a tractor or a robot over the test fields at your appointed locations. After recording the data is analyzed and results are uploaded to a secured webspace for your review. The measurement is based on a full service agreement. Except for planning the field trials no other support is required from your end.

How long does it take to scan a hectare ?

One hectare typically covers 1000 trial plots. The machine will screen this area in 10 hours.

Does the crop matter?

Yes. At the present moment, we are offering the service for corn and sugar beet. Other crops on request.

How accurate are your measurements?

Precision plant and seed breeding requirements are the driving force behind the 4D-Scan system. We use highly accurate GPS based systems allowing centimeter precision. The system localizes and identifies crop and weed plants, measures their leaf area and tracks their growth.

Can we do measurements at night?

No, for accuracy reasons and due to local regulations this is not recommended.

Is there a demo of the Deepfield cloud?

Yes. Please contact us for temporary guest access.

How much would a measurement campaign cost me?

The costs depend on the number of measurement days you book for your field trials. A standard measurement campaign will cover at least 5 days of field measurements. Please contact us for more details.

Where is my data stored?

The recorded data is securely stored on Bosch servers located in Germany.

Can I request for new metrics from the measurement?

Yes. We will consider adding new metrics depending on your requirements and specifications.

Will the robot be able to run in all weather?

No. There are limitations due to soil conditions under extreme wet weather